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What is Spam Mail? What is Junk Mail?

Spam and junk mail are different terms used for the identification of unwanted and unsolicited mails. This directly references to online emails. Examples of these types of mail include adverts, online pharmacy adverts, work from home schemes, phishing, chain mails and explicit sexual content. The spammers get your email address by various operations including online registrations, searching forums and websites, from other spammers and even to the extent of guessing email address.

How to spot Spam?

Spam is easy to spot as generally it will come from an unknown email address to you. It also includes information inside it that doesn’t relate to the subject or it may offer something for sale. If you are unsure whether it is spam or not, do not take the risk of opening the mail as often they contain viruses. The best thing to do is delete it. If you are unsure, the chances are it is spam and if its friends or family they will try another means of contact if they have no reply.

What is an Email Filter?

An email filter is a piece of software that searches incoming mail for suspicious emails and put them into a junk folder in your email box. If a safe email has gone into the junk folder you can add them to a safe list meaning they won’t fall in there again. This operation saves you from having to individually sort through every single email deciding what emails are spam.


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