Network Drives not mapping - VBScript not running in the netlogon folder or locally - Access Denied to run VBScript files

I came across a problem with a Windows 7 machine not picking up network drives that are assigned via a login script. First of all i checked the permissions on the Netlogon folder on each of the networks domain controller. Each folder conatined the script yet it would not map the network drives or printers. The user was still getting their policies and they were getting their home folders, so I decided to try and run the logon script from a administrators login from a local machine through the netlogon folder. This also failed giving me a permissions error. This couldnt be right as all the permissions were ok and i was logged on as an administrator. I then downloaded the same script to the local machine and tried running it from a folder there. I still got a permissions error. So in summary below is a list of issues i found as to why it wasnt mapping my drive and then i will tell you the solution i found.

Summary of problems :

How i solved the issue of vbscript not running during logon

I would only suggest following this fix if you definately have the last two problems listed above in effect on your machine. First of all i made sure that it wasnt being effected by any Antivirus by turning them off and trying to logon. Once i determined this was not the problem for me i decided to want to reset the Operating systems variables for vbs files back to its original settings. This was eventually the solution to my problem. To do this i created a reg file and imported it into the registry resetting the vbs settings.

Warning : Below is information on how to edit the registry. This is done so at your own risk. This fix will only work for Windows Vista and Windows 7

Using the code below copy it into a notepad file and save it as a .reg file NOT a .txt otherwise it wont work. Once you have saved double click to run, it may say some of the values are in use, if it does this is fine. Give the machine a reboot and hopefully the problem is solved. Alternatively you can download the a ready made file here.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="VB Script Language"
@="VBScript Script File"


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