Laptop is plugged in but battery will not charge/ Plugged in but not charging

If you are having a problem with your laptop saying that the battery is not charging when you have the computer to a power source. Hopefully this tutorial/guide will help you with ideas and possible solutions to the problem. Please bare in mind a lot of errors can be different so a solution for one person may not be a solution for another. Thats why it is worth reading this page and try out the options.


Microsoft Articles

Unfortunately there are no microsoft articles on this subject.


Start with the basics

So its best to start with the basics. I wouldnt skip this section as sometimes the most obvious things are overlooked :

  1. Is your laptop in warranty ? If yes contact the manufacterer and they will take you through steps to try and get it working. They have an agreement under the warranty and are obliged to help.
  2. Please check your power source is switched on and working. Try something else such as a lamp to make sure there is not a problem with socket on the wall. Make sure the laptop is plugged directly into the wall and not into a multi socket as the laptop may not be able to draw enough power.
  3. Remove and Replace/Test the fuse in the plug. Something may have blown the fuse in the plug.
  4. You can also try the following:
    • Make sure the laptop is off. Remove the battery from the laptop.
    • Turn the laptop on and let it load windows. (it needs to be plugged in for this to work)
    • Once windows is loaded turn the laptop off.
    • Plug the battery back in and load the laptop
  5. If the laptop does not power on without the battery plugged see 1 in the hardware issues section

Software Issues

We can run through a few settings and changes they may solve this issue:

  1. Please make sure you have the latest version of power management software from your manufacturer. If your not sure goto to their website and check. If you do have the latest version try uninstalling and reinstalling this software.
  2. Please make sure you have the latest bios update for your laptop. Check the manufacturers website for any updates.
  3. Make sure windows has its latest updates
  4. Look in the device manager and see what is listed under batteries. If you have 2 options under there.
    • Try disabling one and restarting.Has this fixed the problem?
    • If not try enabling it again and disabling the other item. Has this fixed the problem.
    • Some people have reported that disabling one of these items solves their problem
  5. If its still not fixed please try the following:
    • Remove the MS ACPI compliant Control Method Battery in the device manager
    • Unplug the AC Adapter/power pack and then shut down the laptop straight away.
    • Leave the computer a few minutes to make sure all capacitys have discharged.
    • Plug in the the AC adapter
    • Turn the computer back on and let windows load. It should automatically reinstall the ACPI driver.
    • Hover the mouse of the battery icon and see if its fixed it.


Hardware Issues

Its worth checking your hardware just to make sure there are no problems, but make sure you are absolutely certain before replacing any parts as you may be throwing your money away.

  1. If the laptop does not power on without the battery plugged in there maybe a connection problem with where it plugs into the laptop or the power block/pack is broken. If possible borrow a power pack from someone thats for you laptop and check to see if that works. If it does you know your power block has a problem and needs to be replaced.
  2. If your power pack is fine, if possible try and borrow a battery for your laptop from somebody and see if that works in your laptop. If it does you may require a new battery for your laptop.



General advice

Some laptop batteries get really hot while charging especially when they are under load. It has been said that to prevent the Lithium-Ion Cells from catching fire, manufacturers have built in a thermal sensor which suspends charging if the temperature exceed this level. If its exceeding this level you may have a faulty battery. If your battery is hot and wont charge. Turn off the laptop wait for it to cool, then plug it in and leave to charge. Do not leave unattended just incase. After a while turn the computer on and check the charge you may find it has charged properly.

Remember batteries wear out very quickly if they are kept at full charge constantly. So you may wish to unplug the battery when using at a desk with a fixed power point.


I hope this guide has helped you to solve your problem.


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