BSOD – Blue Screen of Death


This article will hopefully give you help in solving and fixing the dreaded Blue screen of Death error messages that occur in Microsoft Operating systems. The blue screen of death is also known as the windows stop message or bug check error screen.

Why does it occur?

The error can happen for many reasons including, software errors, hardware errors, installation errors and start up errors. The error is normally displayed when something within the computer has caused a problem. It will isolate the problem and display the error screen in order to protect the system from further damage. When it does this it also gives up some information on what might be happening to the system and to give you a clue to how to try and fix the problem.

Understanding a BSOD screen.

The most important information on the error screen is the first section of stop code and the name of the error. In the image below the code is ***STOP: 0x000000D1 and the name is DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. The most important part of the code is the D1. This code references to Microsoft’s Bug check codes. A list of which can be found here with links to more in depth information and solutions relating directly to the specific error message.




General Fixes & solutions

There are a few main things that can be done to solve a blue screen of death.

The hardest bsod to track are the ones caused by third party software. Often patches are released to fix these issues. For instance there have been issues with the software zone alarm causing bsod. Updates and patches were release to fix this issue.


More information and help can be found here on microsofts website

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