Home Folder not mapped at logon. No error message. Windows 7

If you have a home folder setup within the Active directory which directs your users to a location on the server, but when you logon to a windows 7 machine it doesn’t map the drive, this document may be able to help.

Firstly upgrade to the latest network drivers for your network card to make sure it is functioning properly.

Now we have the network card up to date if it’s still not working we need to check the drive letter assignment. A lot of network managers set users home directories to the letter H, to stand for home drive, so I will use this as an example. This can cause issues if the computer has already assigned the letter H: to a device that requires a letter mapping, most likely a multi use memory card reader.

With Windows XP it would map the drive over the top and when the card was in it would read the card although still named as the network drive and when it was out, it would read the home directory. In Windows 7 it will not map the drive at all if the letter has been assigned. It will also refrain from showing the “removable drives” (that have letters assigned) if there is nothing inserted in them. So when you open my computer it would appear that H: is not used yet the drive will still not map.

To fix this problem follow these steps:

Below is an image take from my disk management window where disk 4 which was assigned the same letter as my home drive (H:). I have now changed it to Y: . I have also included the “my computer” window in the image to show that Windows 7 does not display drives that have been assigned if no media is inserted.



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