Memory Stick not detected – Memory Stick not Recognised – Broken USB Flash drive – Repair your broken memory Stick.

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The memory stick also known as a flash pen drive is excellent way of storing/saving or transporting data. With their portability, becomes the inherent problem of them breaking.

One of the most common problems with memory sticks is the weak USB connection to the board inside the casing. With all the pushing and pulling when you insert and remove it can cause the soldering to come apart. This is especially the case if you put the memory stick in and it doesn’t work, then if you wiggle it in the socket it starts working. This means there is a break in the solder that needs fixing. Depending on which pin or pins that come away it can give a different error messages or none. If the power pin connection has come away then you will not get any light on the USB device and it may not show in windows at all. If any of the other points come away you may get device not recognised. You do need t be aware that the computers USB connections can stop working giving “device is not recognised”. The best way to test is to try more than one USB memory stick. If no others work then its most likely the computer.

It has been known that on HP laptops you can get Memory Stick not Recognised and Error Code 43. To fix this issue do please do the following :

Please see technet blog.

Fix Broken Connections causing error messages

To fix broken connections in a memory stick it is an easy job if you have a steady hand. You will need to remove the outer casing of the memory stick. They are sometimes very difficult to remove and damage can easily occur which you have to try and avoid. The below picture shows the board inside with the weak points highlighted. It’s always the connection between the silver metal USB connector and the green board. There will be 4 distinct connections and under a magnifying glass you should be able to spot any slight breaks. It doesn’t have to have come away completely for it to be failing.




WARNING : Be very careful when applying solder as any solder that bridges other connections this will undoubtedly ruin the board.

WARNING: Soldering irons can get very hot and can cause burns, this should only be attempted by adults.


PLease take your time to practice soldering before attempting it for real. This should reduce the chance of damamging the memory stick

If you are getting another error message such as “Drive not accessible”. Incorrect function. This normally means the controller on the board has become corrupt. This is the smaller of the two chips on the memory stick board. In this situation you will normally require professional assistance to recover the data from the chip.

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