Remove System Tool – Fake Antivirus/Spyware Program



System tool is a fake anti spyware program that is designed to make you pay for what you think is a piece of software that will rid your computer of viruses and spyware. In fact what it’s actually doing is the following:


This is one of a family of fake anti spyware programs of which there are many here are a few variations:


System Tools Removal guide

The System Tools program manifests itself in a random form. This means that the executable it uses will be made up of random characters

The program can be found in the following directories and will contain random characters:

Windows XP

Windows Vista and 7

When trying to remove the program from a computer i found its location to be c:\ProgramData\gLgGdDk08400\gLgGdDk08400.exe

So bareing in this in mind we can do the following to remove it (if at any time the program restricts you from one of these steps. Boot your computer into safe mode by pressing f8 when the computer just starts loading windows):

To Finish off run a full spyware using malwarebytes and a virus scans using something like avg anti virus protection.

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