Virus or Spyware has hidden/deleted my files


Some of the more recent strains of fake Anti Spyware software have started to hide peoples documents, program files and desktop icons. This is an attempt to convince you that you have some kind of hard disk error that has caused it. It gives the software more legitamacy and will encourage you to pay for this bogus software. Once you have got rid of the spyware thats plaging your computer we can go ahead and unhide the files and icons that have disappeared.

Below are three different methods to unhide your files and folders. Upto you which one you choose:

Option 1: Manually Unhide your files and Folders

First you need to beable to see the folders. Below shows you how to make hidden files visable when looking at "My Computer"

Once you have done this the hidden folders should appear whenever you are browsing your computer / harddrives etc. next you need to actually make them visable to all other programs and process :


Option 2 : Removing the +H attribute set by the rogue scamware. Third Party Software

If you do not feel comfortable with the above method you can download a program called unhide from bleeping computer to do a similar job. Click Below for the download.

Download Unhide

Note : If your computer is not allowing you to run executable files, instead asking for what program do you wish to open it with. Your exe extension has been altered by the virus causing it not to work. You will need to reset your default file assocations (windows 7)


Option 3 : Removing the +H attribute using windows command prompt.

If this infection has hidden all your program files,system files and icons. You will need to unhide them again by taking off the +H attribute. To do this for your whole disk please do the following :

Below are few options - remove hidden attributes from users folders so icons on desktops, start menus etc or remove +h from the whole disk.



What do you do if your program menu shortcuts are still empty when you have unhidden all the files and folders?

If you find you are still missing shortcuts after removing spyware and unhiding all the files. You may actually have found its deleted them/moved them and not hidden them. First of all search the computer for icons you know are missing. See if you can track down whether is moved them all. If you cant find them. My suggestion is to run System Restore back to a point before the infection occurred. This will recreate all the menu structure at that time.

Hope this page helps !


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