Antimalware Doctor fake spyware protection removal guide


This is a rogue or fake anti spyware program that is installed through malware. It will configure itself to automatically start everytime the computer starts up. It will bring up a scanner saying you are infected with different items and will not let you remove them till you purchase it. Dont purchase it the real infection is the program itself and should be removed. The program also pops up messages such as Hacker Attack detected and other warnings saying your personal details are at threat.


To remove this peice of malware you need to follow these instructions :

Firstly you need to download and run Rkill. This will kill any rogue processes. (do not restart your computer) then you need to download and install MalwareBytes. Update it to the latest definations and run a full scan. This should remove Antimalware Doctor.

The executable file for this program is normally stored in the c:\users\<username>\app data\ or c:\users\<username>\app data\local\ folders. If you are having problems using rkill you can navigate to this directory and rename the executable then reboot. This should stop it loading at startup. It has been know to call itself Antimalware Doctor.exe and other random variations such as Cafbine70mps.exe . Normal legitimate executable applications dont run from the app data location.




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