What is a Phising

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a process by which a person try’s to steal your personal/login information to valuable websites by fraudulent activities. They do this by either sending emails or instant messaging suggesting your information may be out of date. They direct you to a site that looks exactly like the original but it is a copy. When you enter your login details it sends the information to the creator of the site who then logs in to the legitimate site and steals your money or your personal information. The emails or messages they send look as if they are from the company but they are not, they are purely to steal your information

How can I spot a Phishing message or email?

Companies will never ask you to confirm your information via email. If you are concerned about the mail it is always best to contact the company direct NEVER EVER use any links within the email. If you have to go to that company’s webpage enter the correct address into your browser this way you are guaranteed to go to the correct site and not a copy.

Internet explorer 7 has its own Phishing spotting software built in, so it’s a good idea to update your browser to the latest version.



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