Uploading a video to facebook just hangs. No progress bar.

I have recently had problems with facebook not uploading videos. The webpage just sits there saying it is uploading the video but nothing happens and there is no progress bar. Now facebook has restrictions of the videos you can upload. Its currently 20mins long or 1024mb in length. My video was 13mb and only 1.30 minutes long so that couldnt be the proglem. Here are some suggestions that can be found across the web:

Just leave it and it will eventually upload

I tried this with my file above. With my connection it shouldnt take that long. So bearing that in mind I left it for 30mins which should be ample time for it to upload such a small file. It didnt complete so i checked out my network data transfer and there was very little action on the upstream. This was pointing to the fact the file wasnt actually uploading.

Change format of file

I converted my 3GP video file from my blackberry into a wmv, avi and mp3 all of which still would not upload through the facebook interface. There is obviously a problem on the facebook side.

Upload it to Youtube and Link it in facebook.

This works well however it will only appear on your news feed. Any new friends will not see the video months down the line without trawling through your news feed which i doubt they will do amongst all the junk that gets posted there.

Use Windows Live Movie Maker to upload videos to facebook

In the end i used the program Windows Live Movies Maker to upload the video to facebook. It requires having a windows live account setup which i already had. It took me through about 3 steps:

When i logged in to facebook. The video was in the pending section and a few minutes later it was there to view ! if i continue to have problems i think i will use this method to upload videos.

Here are some links to the facebook help if you are having Issues uploading

Bugs and known issues

Support Formats for Video Uploads

Supported Browsers

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