Setup cannot find Office.en-us\shellUI.MST. Browse to a valid installation source, and then click OK.















When installing office or uninstalling offce you get a window popup saying setup cannot find Office.en-us\shellUI.MST. Browse to a valid installation source, and then click OK. If you choose the directory where the file is held it comes up with invalid location. I was trying to uninstall and reinstall office as it had issues when i recieved this message.I also tried upgrading to Office 2010 and i got a similar message. I will tell you what steps i took to try and fix this error message.

Different Disk / Network Location

Sometimes when the installation cannot read files there maybe an issue with the physcial disk or where the information is coming from. So i tried a different Microsoft Office installation disk and i also tried from two different network locations.

Selecting the Root Directory.

When it prompts you for the file if you select the location the file is in (i.e office.en-us\) it gives you an invalid location error message. So some people have claimed that selecting the "root" directory it allows it to go through. Mine did disappear as it tried to continue but ultimately it came back with the same message.

Virus/Spyware and malware scans.

As it was a strange error. I made sure that my computer was clean of all infections.

Copy just the file its looking for to a location on their own

I also tried copy the file it was looking for into the MSOcache location and into a completely seperate location and pointing the install to that.

Microsoft articles

After some research i found 2 microsoft articles. to try and help me. The first one i followed was this : and the second article was about removing office. i followed this article to try and manually remove office to hopefully allow me to install it from clean:


I removed the MSOCache folder in the root c:\

Registry Clean

I used a registry cleaner such as ccleaner to remove any unwanted registry keys that maybe causing problems. Then i went on to manually editing the registry. Now i wouldnt really suggest you do this as editing the registry can be a very dangerous to the health of your pc and i take no responsibility if anything happens to your computer as a result of this guide. But at this stage i was pretty desperate so i tried deleting as many other office registry keys as i can find. There were hundreds and as another forum thread suggest i made sure i deleted this key local machine/software/Microsoft/Office I did give up deleting keys after a while as there was soo many.

I didnt try a windows installer program that fixes registry issues with the installers - maybe this is something that is worth trying.

New User

I wondered whether a fresh new user with admininstration rights maybe able to install it. This did not work.


Getting extremely desperate i tried sysprepping the machine incase it removed entries of other items through its generalize pass that might allow Office to be installed. This also did not work.

Rebuild - Solution

In the end. After all these attempts the only solution i could find to my problem was to rebuild the Operating system. So making sure all the documents and settings were saved and deployed an image to it. I was really trying to avoid this but unfortunately as you can tell it became my only option. Im pretty sure that this problem is linked to possible registry issues but ill be damned if i can find the keys that were causing the issue. As for my Office install now, it is perfectly fine. I can repair, uninstall and upgrade now i have reinstalled the operating system.


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