How to create strong passwords that you can remember

This page will hopefully go a long way to help you create strong complex passwords that you will not forget. If you struggle to remember passwords and worried about changing and not remember here is a little help for you. A strong password contains letters, numbers, symbols and capitals.

So how do you make a strong password? Follow these steps :

Pick a word of around 6-8 characters you can remember. This can be something meaningful to you if you wish however do not use personal information such as Your name, birthday, address etc. I will choose the word computer as an example as i work with them.


Replace letters from the word will numbers that look like the letters. So for instance o becomes 0 and the e becomes 3. Other letters you could replace could be i for 1, 5 for s, 9 for g.


Add a symbol at the beginning ... this will never change so you can just remember it. i will choose the pound sign as i spend money in pounds.


Now this is still generic. This is the clever bit. Depending on what website you are visiting you can select 2 or 3 letters from the name. Add them to the front end or middle as capitals to make it unique to that site. I will select the last 2 letters of the site and add them to the end of the password. So if it was a password for i would take the th (last to letters... make the capital and add them at the end). The finished password is:


For other websites maybe hotmail it would be £c0mput3rIL or google £c0mput3rLE. All i need to remember is the word the symbol and what letters i use from the website and where they go.

You can test the strength of the password you created here on the microsoft password checker.


Hope that helps in trying to set strong passwords that you can remember.



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