Hardware Malfunction: NMI Parity Check / Memory Parity Error

I have ordered over 100 dell mini laptops. You can imagine my horror when I go to build 6 of them and 5 out of the six blue screen with the Parity error. The ridiculous thing is the error message is a massive red herring. It’s nothing to do with the memory in my case. You may have been pulling your hair out like i have but the fix is really quite simple:

Operating System Crash

If you are having this problem when the computer loads or when you are in windows, you need to change the network driver. In this case do not download the computer distributor’s driver but go directly to the actual hardware manufacturer. In my case it was Realtek not Dell (this is very important). I have also heard that sometimes this error can be caused by the graphics driver, so if changing the network driver doesn’t work change the graphics driver. Again do not install the computer distributer’s driver but the hardware manufacturers.

Windows Deployment Service Crash

I had a dell image that I was trying to deploy through WDS and before I could get into the Windows PE environment I would get this error. If I pulled the network cable out, it would PXE boot and not blue screen. However I would not be able to image the machine. This confirmed a network card/driver issue. The way to fix the error is to inject the manufacturer driver into the Windows PE image. It took me a couple of attempts to find the correct driver but this will definitely fix your problem especially with Dell Mini Laptops.



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