Mousepad/Cursor Problems

I have started to feel like a broken record on this subject. It appears that the manufacturing of laptops has hit a problem where the mouse cursor appears to have the following symptons when using the keyboard:

This finally begins to make you beleive the mouse cursor is actually cursed. Which as fun as it may seem to have ghostly goings on with your laptop pointer the chances are its just a problem with the mouse pad sensitivty.

So this problem seems to occur when you are typing but in fact can sometimes occur by just rubbing the plastic area next to the pad or even more weirdly by hovering your arm or finger above the pad without actually touching it ! This is because the touchpads that are being manufactured are really sensitive. You can try changing the sensitivity through the computers control panel but this doesn’t always work.


Download Touchpad Drivers from Manufacturers Website

Firstly i would suggest downloading the latest drivers for the touchpad from your manufacturers website. There have been updates to the drivers to reduce / stop this problem from occuring. If this doesnt help you could try a program called touchfreeze.



However help is here in the form of a free program called touchfreeze. Touchfreeze sits in the bottom right hand corner notification area. When you start to type, the program automatically disables the Touchpad on your laptop. When you stop typing, it automatically re-enables it again allow you to use the cursor. This is done autonomously without you even noticing. So it is a great piece of software and should eliminate the problem of the cursor jumping around the screen. Below is a link to the free software :



Download touchfreeze here


Other Issues

If you are having an issue where the cursor is jumping around when only using the mouse pad and its not related to typing. Then you may need to download the latest drivers for it from the manufacturers website. If the computer is in warranty it may also be worth talking to the manufacturers support dept.

If you are using a wireless mouse. It may start to jump around. This happens when the batteries in the mouse/device need changing. If this is not the case you may need to download the latest drivers for it from the manufacturers website.




Disclaimer: By using any of the software mentioned in this document you are adhering to their terms and conditions of use. I do not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or disruption to your data or computer system that may occur while using the software mentioned in this document.
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