Guide to removing Antivirus Live 2010.

Antivirus Live 2010 invades windows and tells you that you are infected with viruses and spyware and then tries to make you buy the full version of the software by making you believe your system will fall over if you don’t. The software hijacks your internet browser to show you notifications online. This can stop you using the internet completely and it also prevents you from installing Antispyware programs to remove it. This is a particularly bad piece of software which needs to be removed straight away.

Remove Antivirus Live 2010

Because this stops you installing Antivirus/Antispyware programs you need to make some changes to the computer registry to allow you to install one of these programs to remove it.

1. Click the start button at the left hand bottom of your screen.

2. Click Run in the menu that appears

3. Type the word “command” in the line and click OK

4. A Black window will appear. In the window type “notepad” then press enter

5. The windows Notepad program will open; insert the following text into Notepad by copying and pasting it:


“Content Type”=”application/x-msdownload”


6 . Now click file in the top left hand corner, then click save in the menu that appears. It will bring up a new window

7 . Click the desktop button on the left then In the filename section give the file a name, something like AV2010fix.reg . It is most important you have .reg at the end of the file otherwise this will not work. Click Save

8 . This will have saved a file on your desktop. Goto your desktop and double click the file. It will then enter the information above into your registry. This will allow you to install antivirus/antispyware programs.

9 . Download and install either Spy Doctor, adaware or Spybot search and destroy. Allow them to scan your whole computer and this should now remove Antivirus Live 2010. If you cannot get on the internet use a friends computer to download one of these adware removal programs.



Disclaimer: By using any of the software mentioned in this document you are adhering to their terms and conditions of use. I do not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or disruption to your data or computer system that may occur while using the software mentioned in this document.
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